The ultimate and most exciting way to visit Rome: the narrated tour of Rome by golf cart.
Absolutely the best tour of Rome for the disabled or anyone with walking problems !!!

Fun for everyone, grannies and kids can have fun together while they touring around the eternal city between an ice cream and a beer! Ladies can look at the windows of the shops as they drive!

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The ultimate and most exciting way to visit Rome.
The carts are street legal and they are equipped with:  
  • Insurance,
  • License plate,
  • Lights, front and rear,
  • Safety belts,
  • Horn,
  • Roof.

Driving guide sight-seeing tour of Rome by golf cart
These are important things that you should know before you decide to go on a golf cart tour.

About the carts:

  • Each golf cart can take up to three passengers plus driver, so for groups larger the three people more than one golf cart will be needed. The additional cars can be driven by a member of the group or, if required, we will provide an additional driver.

  • Those who will decide to drive the additional carts themselves instead of hiring a second driver will be given all the necessary assistance by the driver of the leading cart who will always make sure they don't get left behind.

  • When more than one cart will be needed all the passengers and drivers will be supplied with earpieces by which they will be continually in touch with the driver of the leading cart.

  • We will come to meet you at your hotel and start the tour from there, but not if your hotel is located outside of the old city, outside the belt of the Roman Walls. The average driving range for a golf cart is 80 kilometers (50 miles) which is more than a full day tour of Rome requires, but does not allow us to come and meet you at your hotel if this is located outside of the old city.

  • Many of the hotels that are located outside the historical center of the city have shuttles that drive their guests to the city center on a regular schedule, when this is the case we go and meet our clients where the hotel's shuttle drops them off, otherwise we will discuss the most convenient meeting point with them.

  • Golf carts are not air conditioned and Rome is hot in the summer, but there's always a nice breeze and it's never really uncomfortable when you drive around. After all, when it's really hot, even a nice air conditioned Mercedes can be unpleasant to sit in after it was parked in the sun for half an hour!

St. Anastasia - Tour of Rome by electric golf cart and see the unexpected Rome

About the tours:

  • We rent on hourly basis and we do not have to follow any preset itineraries.

  • We tailor our tours to our clients desires, the itineraries listed on this website are just suggestions and their purpose is to give you an idea of what one can see touring Rome in a golf cart and what the tour can cover starting and ending from the area of Via Veneto - Spanish Steps - Piazza Venezia, which is where most of the hotels are and hotel shuttles stop.

  • The shortest tour is four hours, but you can go for the whole day if you like, and that's actually the best tour! If you like you can also rent for multiple days and we'll always have new places to show you!

  • We try not to drive on the main streets to avoid traffic, noise, fumes... and other tourists :) !!! These are tours off the beaten path, but we'll get you to the main attractions too!

  • You will see lots of unexpected beautiful places, take pictures and videos without getting out of the cart, but we'll always be ready to stop for you anytime you'll ask us, when something attracts your attention.

  • We will take you to visit the major highlights of the city if you are first timers or we'll take you to see the many enchanting curiosities off the beaten path if you already know the city or if you have the time.

  • Even when we tour you to the fundamental sites, we get from one to the next by driving through the narrow backstreets where you really discover that Rome is a real city and not a theme park. You'll get look inside workshops were artisans are immersed in their daily occupations and incredible courtyards and churches.

Pantheon - The best tour of Rome for the disabled