Prices for the golf cart tours.
Visit Rome by golf cart. Best tour for everyone.
The most comfortable, effortless and efficient way to sightsee Rome.

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We rent by the hour, 60 Euros per hour up to three people in one cart with one driver. Minimum rent four hours.
Prices are not per person they are per cart. From one to three people the price is the same.

4-hour tour of Rome

up to 3 people in 1 cart, 240 Euros

each additional car, 60 Euros

each additional driver, 60 Euros

8-hour tour of Rome

up to 3 people in 1 cart, 450 Euros

each additional car, 100 Euros

each additional driver, 100 Euros

3-hour tour of Rome by night

up to 3 people in 1 cart, 210 Euros

each additional car, 40 Euros

each additional driver, 50 Euros


6-hour tour of Rome for cruisers

up to 3 people in 1 cart, 360 Euros

each additional car, 80 Euros

each additional driver, 80 Euros

Headsets and microphone:

4-hour tour, 2 Euros per person

6-hour tour, 3 Euros per person

8-hour tour, 3 Euros per person

tour by night, 2 Euros per person

Tours of Rome for disabled, or anyone with walking problems,without any physical no effort, by electric golf cart

round trip transfer from the port

up to 4 people by sedan, 300 Euros

up to 8 p. by minivan, 350 Euros


Please consider that if you bring a wheel chair with you, it'll use up the space of one or even two passengers, depending on its size, and therefore you'll have to use an additional cart even for a group of only 2/3 people!